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Selling your Porsche® or other high-end vehicle can be difficult and time consuming.

From identifying the correct market value to answering potential buyer's questions, emails and phone calls to spending the time with those buyers to allow them to view and test drive your car takes a lot of effort with often no results. It can sometimes take three, six or even more months to sell a Porsche® or similar car. But we have two solutions for you!

We can either Buy your vehicle from you or Sell your vehicle on your behalf (via consignment)



Make an appointment for us to view your car and provide you with an offer to buy your vehicle outright. This provides you with none of the hassles of trying to sell a vehicle and you won't need to wait potentially for multiple weeks or months to get $ for your vehicle.  If you are in the market for another vehicle, you can use it as a trade-in if you buy one from us!



Powertech Select Motorcars can take all of the pain and hassle out of selling your Porsche® or other high-end vehicle.


 - Inspect your vehicle to identify if it meets our quality requirements and to see what issues need to be addressed to be "showroom" ready

 - Share our market expertise to price the vehicle right

 - Detail your car

 - Store and show your car in our indoor facility

 - Advertise on your behalf on our high-traffic website, to our current customers, as well as post a well-designed ad on multiple other platforms

 - Be the point of contact and answer all questions and queries from potential buyers

 - Show and arrange for test drives

 - Work with you and potential buyers to come to an agreement to purchase your vehicle

 - Handle the transition of title and delivery to the new owner



We do this for a living…. Not only do we take all of the legwork out of selling your vehicle but we deliver additional value to you by using our extensive expertise and giving your vehicle the exposure to our network of potential buyers with the assurance that it's a high-quality car. After all, we're putting the Powertech Select Motorcars name on it.


 - High exposure to a concentrated audience of Porsche® and other enthusiasts/potential buyers
 - Elimination of the headache and time consumed when selling a high-end vehicle
 - Increased buyer confidence due to selling through Powertech Select Motorcars, with our strong reputation with over 15 years of experience and market-leading services

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