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Shawn had been a customer of Powertech since 2003, and in 2006 was helping a friend buy a 996. His friend wound up buying a 911 from Powertech's pre-owned sales company. During that time, Shawn was looking to start his own pre-owned sales business and Powertech's company sales person was leaving. After a few discussions with Mike Daino, Powertech Select Motorcars was born!

Over the years we've enjoyed working with our clients providing them a unique combined skillset of technical/mechanic expertise along with extensive vehicle specific and market knowledge of Porsches and other high-end vehicles. Whether you are buying or selling, Mike and Shawn believe that integrity and honesty and are the only way to do business... We look forward to continuing to share our car passion for years to come.

Shawn Cudnik

Shawn's fascination with cars started a very young age. He took interest in his father's hobby of buying and selling cars including numerous Corvettes, a Daytona 500, GTOs, and even a 1973 Chevy Luv Pickup with a 350 c.i. engine crammed in it! This resulted in Shawn spending much of his childhood at the DMV.  In fact, his earliest memory as a child was when he burned his leg on the sidepipe of his father's 1969 Corvette Convertible when he was 2 years old.

His passion for sports grew with each car magazine he read. One summer while in college, Shawn worked at a pre-owned exotic dealership in Port Jefferson, NY called MotorSport. It was there that Shawn drove his first Porsche®, a black 1987 911® coupe. That was when he realized that he needed to have a 911®. About 10 years later his dream came true when he bought his first Porsche®, a 1989 911® Turbo. Since then, he has owned a 996 coupe and three other generations of 911 turbos. Currently Shawn is having fun with a 987.1 Cayman S for street/track use and a 964 turbo for pleasure, and has also ventured "to the dark side" (away from Porsche) to have owned other high-end/exotics such as BMW M-cars, Lamborghini Gallardo, Ferrari 360 and Aston Martin Vantage. Shawn actively enjoys PCA Driver's Ed events as a PCA National Instructor and gets to the track as often as he can, which is never often enough.

Mike Daino

Mike has been a motor-head from a very young age.  After experiencing his initial addictions to go-carts and motorcycles, Mike learned to drive a manual transmission in a field behind his grandparents’ home.  He was only 9-years-old and the car was a 1957 Corvette!  Growing up with many sports cars in his family, from his father’s Corvettes and Jaguars to his mother’s Triumph Spitfire, caused Mike to begin a life-long passion for the gest of the best, the Porsche®.  In 1991 Mike started POWERTECH, an exclusive Porsche® only service facility with Keith Peare.  Mike has owned over a dozen different types of Porsche® vehicles and currently campaigns a 2006 Cayman S in multiple driving event functions.  Look for his Speed Yellow Cayman at the track and stop by to say hello!

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